Dr. Sheryl Spitzer-Resnick, MD

Life is a journey — everything that happens is to teach us something. We are hormonal beings: our bodies need the right infrastructure to function properly and allow us to think about things correctly. A New Way Forward can help you get there.

Dr. Sheryl

Dr. Sheryl Spitzer-Resnick, MD has been practicing family medicine for over 30 years. She earned her MD at Harvard Medical School in 1985 and then became a Family Medicine Resident at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Spitzer-Resnick grew to love Madison, Wisconsin and made it her home.

While working at the Wildwood Family Clinic, Dr. Spitzer-Resnick obtained her certification in Integrative and Holistic Medicine in 2007, opening for her a new world of medicine and thought leadership. Focusing on women’s peri- and post-menopause management, using bio-identical hormones and natural thyroid treatments, Dr. Spitzer-Resnick opened “A New Way Forward” in 2016 in collaboration with Pat Streicher. Dr. Spitzer-Resnick provides individual consultations focused on symptom management and root cause of disease, with her goal for all to achieve optimal health and wellness.


Lisa Marks, Office Manager

Lisa Marks is A New Way Forward’s office manager extraordinaire. Dr. Spitzer-Resnick’s right hand gal, Lisa can answer your questions, assist you with your supplement needs and provide all around support. Lisa’s motto: get things done!

In her free time Lisa enjoys her cabin up north, reading, a little yoga, spending time with her family, her two dogs and one cat.